Kettlebell Exercises for Abs

Best Kettlebell Exercises for Abs of Steel

Best Kettlebell Exercises for Abs

Been working on that gut for a while? Trying to add some new spice to your workout routine and burn off some belly fat?

Of all the types of exercise equipment that can be used to supplement a strict bodyweight workout, the most effective one I’ve found for many purposes is the kettlebell. As it turns out, because of its unique qualities, there are some great kettlebell exercises for abs.

Let’s take a look at how to use kettlebells to get those washboard abs you’ve been wanting.

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power tower workouts

Great Power Tower Workouts for 2018

Great Power Tower Workouts for 2018

For those of you who’ve invested in a Power Tower workouts machine during 2017, you’re in luck. You’ve no doubt already started putting your tower to use.

Dips, leg raises, pullups and chinups are some of the key exercises you can do with a pullup and dip station. But if you don’t program your workouts and get yourself off the couch, that pullup station’s going to sit there in the corner of the room like it did for me!

Read on for a few Workouts of the Day (WODs) to get you going.

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Join a Fitness Studio

Out of Shape? Join a Fitness Studio

Out of Shape? Get Your Ass to a Fitness Studio

I’m sorry. Maybe that’s a little harsh.

Bear with me – I’ll explain why.

Maybe you’re too sedentary and you know it. (This was me…..)

Maybe you’re going to a traditional gym like an LA Fitness but you’re doing the same routine over and over and not making progress.

Maybe you just don’t even know where to start.

There is an answer.’

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Bodyweight Back Exercises

Bodyweight Back Exercises

Calisthenics are an effective form of strength training that requires no equipment to improve one’s balance, power, endurance, speed, and coordination. But most people think primarily about their arms and legs. You clearly know better, though, because you’re here looking for info on bodyweight back exercises!

Exercises for the arms and legs are obvious. How do you improve your core and your back? Be aware–if you don’t focus on these areas, your overall strength and your ability to do other exercises will diminish!

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Bodyweight Bicep Exercises

Bodyweight Bicep Exercises

This is a guest post by Douglass Hameldon.

Working out! One of the top aspects that assure you of a healthy and fit body, yet it is also a major challenge for many. One main reason that makes working out a challenge is the misconception of the people. Many believe that a real workout session must entail weight lifting in a gym. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Bodyweight exercises are also known as calisthenics, and they simply refer to workouts that rely on your body weight, rather than the weights in the gyms, such as dumbbells. Calisthenics workouts can target effectively for the triceps, biceps (covered here), the entire arm, back, legs, torso, or shoulders.

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Me and Bodyweight Training

Me and Bodyweight Training

Me and Bodyweight Training

This is a guest post By Samuel Kennedy

In most instances, a person’s training style is a reflection of their fitness goals. If you want to be big and strong, you probably focus on heavy barbells and low reps. If muscle definition is your endgame, you might do a lot of isolation exercises and cardio. And if you’re trying to be both lean and strong, you’ve probably found your way to bodyweight training.

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bodyweight wod

Bodyweight WOD: 55 Crossfit-Style Daily Workouts using only Calisthenics

The Bodyweight WOD Solves Exercise Boredom!

Can’t get out of bed in the morning to do the same old workout?

Neither can I.

Like you, there are days I struggle to get off the couch and do my morning calisthenics. Lately I’ve discovered that picking a different Workout Of the Day (WOD) helps by giving me a different workout every time I lace up my shoes!

Crossfit has made the WOD (workout of the day) popular. WODs include different exercises each day, and with different parameters, to ensure you really never do the same thing twice.

As calisthenics is a significant part of Crossfit, it stands to reason that calisthenics enthusiasts can make use of Crossfit WODs that include primarily bodyweight exercises.

Let’s WOD!

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you are your own gym

You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises – Book and App Review

You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises Book (and App) Review

When it comes to implementing a fitness program that is as self-sufficient as calisthenics, some folks give it a go on their own with a stack of YouTube videos and experimentation.

When you really want a comprehensive program that includes everything you need to know–including how to sequence all your bodyweight exercises and progressions as part of a cohesive fitness program– you’ll want to give in and bend the ear of an expert.

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Is Bodyweight Right For You?

Bodyweight Fitness Roundup – January 2017

Greetings friends! This is my first Bodyweight Fitness Roundup for 2017.

Let’s take a moment to recognize that with the new year comes resolutions–some of you may have started bodyweight recently, or added more calisthenic moves to your weekly routines. Good luck no matter what that looks like for you!

Lots of great content awaits–let’s get to it!

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The Herschel Walker Workout & 6 Other Celebrities Into Bodyweight Fitness

Celebrities and Bodyweight–The Herschel Walker Workout

If you ever doubted that there are famous people who’ve reached the pinnacle of success using only bodyweight workouts, just wait until you get a load of the Herschel Walker workout.

Herschel Walker is a BEAST.

In his prime, he was reportedly doing 5,000 pushups and 5,000 situps.


But he’s not the only celebrity to use calisthenics to maintain a camera-ready body.

Let’s take a look at the some  famous people you may not know work out without weights.

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