About Me

So Who Is This Short Guy?

I manage software products for a living. I spend most of my time in an office.

I’m 5’6 with shoes on and I weigh about 135. Yes, I’m a little guy.

I barely fill out my clothes.

Why am I telling you this?

Because it doesn’t matter.

You can be big or small, heavy or a lightweight. You’re not going to have any more or less equipment than the next guy or girl for bodyweight fitness: all you have is your body.

You’re not competing with them. You’re competing with you.

So good luck, and remember: Just get started.

I have been active, primarily as a runner. I’ve never been big on bodybuilding. (no surprise to anyone who knows me) However, I do want to improve my strength, and I feel liberated to do so now that I realize I can do so without “pumping iron.”

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, my inspiration partly came from The Primal Blueprint, but has extended to many many other sources as I’ve dived into mapping out fitness for the second half of my life.

I’ll elaborate more as time goes on…