Bodyweight Bicep Exercises

Bodyweight Bicep Exercises

This is a guest post by Douglass Hameldon.

Working out! One of the top aspects that assure you of a healthy and fit body, yet it is also a major challenge for many. One main reason that makes working out a challenge is the misconception of the people. Many believe that a real workout session must entail weight lifting in a gym. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Bodyweight exercises are also known as calisthenics, and they simply refer to workouts that rely on your body weight, rather than the weights in the gyms, such as dumbbells. Calisthenics workouts can target effectively for the triceps, biceps (covered here), the entire arm, back, legs, torso, or shoulders.

This article will focus on Calisthenics Biceps exercises, but If you want to acquire Bicep – Tricep Symmetry, make sure to work on your triceps also.

Why Consider Bodyweight Workouts?

Why would you want to engage in the bodyweight exercises in the first place? Here are some benefits linked to them.

  • They are cheap. These exercises are typically cost-free.
  • They are versatile; you can do them anywhere and at any time
  • They are safer than weightlifting. You will be less likely to be injured when engaging in the bodyweight workouts.
  • They are enjoyable. These workouts are fun, and you can be sure of enjoying every single bit.
  • They enhance your core strength. Unlike weight lifting, calisthenics boosts your core strength since more muscles are flexed.

Well, today we will not look at all the muscles targeted by the calisthenics. Let’s focus on the biceps workouts using your body weight, shall we?

Bodyweight Bicep Exercises

  • Diver Bomber/Hindu Push-Ups

Hindu Push-Up
Handsome man doing push-ups exercises from the floor.

This is one of my favorites, and I love it because of the instant effects it delivers to the muscles. It works almost similarly to the regular push-ups, only that the body posture is different. Here is how you should do it;

  • Start in the regular push-up posture, then raise your hips to the air as you shift your weight to the feet.
  • At this point, you will form an inverted V, while your hands and feet carry most of your bodyweight.
  • Shift your weight to your arms as your dive slowly towards your hands, and bend your arms in as you move.
  • Push your arms back up and raise your trunk and head as high as possible.

In the final position, your head should be raised high, and your hips should almost touch the ground. Make sure that you lock your arms and arch your back when your head is up.


  • Resistance Band Bicep Curls

This workout will isolate, strengthen, and stretch your biceps as well. You can even feel its effect as soon as you start the exercise. Here is how to pull it off;

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Resistance Band Curls
Man with muscular fit torso in 40’s exercising with resistance exercise bands in sports club gym.
  • Take a resistance band and place the center section under your feet while you hold the two ends with both hands. {Ensure that the band is slightly loose and stretchable}
  • Hang your arms on the sides, and bend the elbows gradually until the hands touch your shoulders.
  • Lower your arms slowly until they hang by your hips, and repeat as desired.

Here, you will need to keep your chip up and straighten your back as you do the exercise.

  • Chin-up

Who doesn’t know this exercise? It is quite common, and one of my best workouts for the arms. This workout will also help to strengthen your back in the process. How do you go about it?


  • Hold a bar with the palms facing you or each other. {Make sure the hands are closer than the width of your shoulders}.
  • Tighten your abs and glutes to help you maintain a straight line with your body.
  • Raise your chest to the bar as you pull back your shoulder blades.
  • Remain in that position for about 5 seconds, and lower your body gradually to the floor.

You can do it in several reps and sets, according to your plan.

[*Note from editor: For a proper chinup, you’ll need the right equipment. If you don’t have a schoolyard nearby, you should take a look at investing in a power tower so you can do these crucial exercises at home!]


Front Flexes

Chin Ups

Did you know that you can use your bare hands to build your muscles? The front flexes is one of the easiest bodyweight bicep exercises to engage in. While it might look like you are showing off your biceps, you will be flexing them in reality. Doing it is also simple;

  • Start by squeezing your hands as hard as you can while standing.
  • Hold that for around 10 seconds, then stretch your arms slowly to be straight.

Repeat this as many times as you can. Ideally, try five or more sets to achieve an effective workout. {This workout might seem easy, but you will realize how challenging it is after the fifth set}. Remember to press as hard as you can to help your muscles grow.

Keep in mind that any workout needs discipline for you to experience the expected outcome. For that, exercise as frequently as possible to get used to it. You can also do it with your partner for inspiration purposes. Enjoy your workout time.


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This article written by Douglass HameldonCEO/Editor in Chief of FitnessPurity®.

Douglass Hameldon

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