Bodyweight Blog Roundup June 5, 2015

Like you, we’re always interested in the week’s best bodyweight blog and magazine articles, as well as good posts on clean eating–what we call the Bodyweight Life!

I read a lot of articles each week, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce this weekly roundup of great content from all over the blogosphere.

Take a few minutes to read a few of these great posts:

Tony Horton’s “No Excuses” Bodyweight Workout

Tony Horton’s photo does not look like the face of a man in his mid-50s. But then, one wouldn’t expect the creator of P90X to look like a typical 50 year old.

Tony’s “No Excuses” simple 4-component workout is perfect to squeeze into a short window of time to make sure you get in your daily activity. He stresses not doing the same exercise twice, in an effort to always keep it fresh.


Zack Ruhl doing Pullups

I wasn’t familiar with Zack prior to seeing this video, but I’m inspired now. Zack lost his legs as a child, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a weightlifter! Reading his bio, he’s moved to more of a Crossfit style fo training rather than pumping iron, so he’s one of us!

The way he owns these pullups is inspiring. Check it out:

@pitbullruhl killing it on the barz! #madbarz #workout RESPECT

Une vidéo publiée par madbarz (@madbarz) le


The 10 Best Bodyweight Exercises

From, this workout aims to hit “every single muscle in your body” as well as getting rid of fat!  The good news is this post brings attention to bodyweight workouts, but the bad news is that it doesn’t seem to take them seriously.

The animated graphics illustrating the exercises are helpful. However, for the text describing a one-legged squat, the animation demonstrates a pistol squat while the article doesn’t begin to explain how tough a move that is to execute!

The 2 Worst Bodyweight Exercises No-One Should Do

Timothy Bell shares a warning about a couple of exercises that are not recommended. I use L-Sits and Pull-Ups with hanging leg raises as alternatives to crunches, but I don’t have quite the case against them that Tim does. I do share his concern about bench dips, as I’ve read about the shoulder risk of this exercise in the past. This comes up on bodyweight blog scene pretty frequently.

Top 10 Fundamental Bodyweight Exercises to Get Strong, Flexible and Coordinated

The experts over at GMB Fitness shared this post of their most-recommended exercises. I think the choices are interesting, as my beginner list is primarily focused on building strength only whereas this list has multiple objectives.

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The Monkey and the Cartwheel look like fun – I’ll have to try those!

This is What You Get for Cheating

Emily Oneto wrote this story any of us can relate to–the experience of cheating on your clean eating diet, and immediately regretting not only the impact on your waistline, but also having a bad taste in one’s mouth due to the marginal service around that purchase.

Talk about a reminder of why cheating on one’s self is a bad idea!



Hope you enjoyed this inaugural roundup, and I definitely look forward to delivering more in the weeks and months ahead. What other great stories have you read this week? Share in the comments!


Image source: Flickr