Bodyweight & Calisthenics Roundup – Halloween 2016

Hey guys, it’s the Halloween edition of the Bodyweight and Calisthenics Roundup! Hope you had a great Saturday night and didn’t rip your fitness goals apart.. but even if you did, let’s get right into it.

Stretch When Your Pet Stretches

This post by Antranik caught my eye this week on a tactical and a philosophical level.

I don’t have a pet, but I have in the past. Pets stretch a lot as I recall, and as Antranik describes.

What if you lived in the moment enough that you actually could stretch whenever your pet does? Chances are, you’re too busy and driven by the calendar rather than what you need to do.

Why is it we have to spend significant effort and time stretching before a workout anyway? Sure, it’s important regardless, but maybe we make our overall readiness for exertion worse by sitting down all day with constricted hip flexors (as just one example). Antranik captured this too:

This all started when someone said, “How come we need to warm up when a lion doesn’t before chasing down a gazelle?” And the reply was “Actually, animals are always stretching.”

This is a great reminder of how our human habits aren’t necessarily more advanced than our animal brethren.

Free Weights vs. Bodyweight Exercise

Last week, I wrote a lengthy post about the contrast between bodyweight and weighted exercises. This week, the creative guys at PictureFit posted a video with their own take on the topic:

This video………..


Six Mistakes to Avoid When Doing Pushups

Todd at AShotOfAdrenaline reviews proper form and covers six common mistakes he observes in people’s technique.

Todd covers a very important tenet applied to pushups that really applies to all exercises in general–because of both the risk of injury and the opportunity to build your body:

10 push ups done correctly is better than 100 the wrong way.

Take a look at this to make sure you’re doing your pushups right–especially if you’re working out alone without a partner to offer you constructive criticism!

How Long to Reach Your Ultimate Potential with Bodyweight?

Anthony at Homemade Muscle takes the time to evaluate how long it will take you to get close to your ideal / ultimate potential by working out through bodyweight exercise.

There’s a surprising level of depth to this discussion. One concept to recognize is beginner effect, where you make dramatic gains at first and then decreasing gains over time.

Then after that, your priority changes from gains to maintenance as well as, in my opinion something that Anthony doesn’t stress, skill.

You have to work in phases where you’re building muscle strength, then backing off to a maintenance phase.

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Also keep in mind that as you want to increase the load on your muscles, you have to advance to more challenging work not through more plates, but through leverage and making the exercises more challenging in and of themselves.

Fat Does Not Make You Fat

Here I thought I’d include the latest from Dr. Hyman. I’m very big on nutrition and I think for general fitness, everyone should be.

Dr. Hyman covers the idea that calories are not equal based upon the kind of food. Soda calories aren’t the same as calories from vegetables.

High fat diets perform better than low fat diets every time, in a meta-review of studies that Hyman cites.

It’s important to think not only about how much you eat and how often, but the nature thereof. As most health enthusiasts know by now, fat is healthier than carbohydrates. Cut the breads, sodas and other “empty” (dangerous and corrosive) carbs and feed your body real food!

Why Calisthenics?

I LOVE this video!

This is a great introductory video from Al and Grace Kavadlo to the practice of calisthenics.

Calisthenics helps you build strength, is more fun than working out at the gym, and helps you develop skill at the same time as your strength.

It builds confidence and is the root of a great community.

This video reminds me why I got into calisthenics in the first place. Great job Al & Grace!


And finally, we’ll sign off with this #split from Antranik to bid you a great week ahead!


Image source: Pixabay