Bodyweight Roundup – March 20, 2016 Edition

It’s time for another edition of the Bodyweight Roundup! Let’s have a look at this week’s best content on clean eating, bodyweight fitness and smart supplements:

Bodyweight Roundup – This Week’s Good Reads:

  • #360fit: Dubai’s coolest outdoor gym at Skydive Dubai gets a makeover! – In Sport360. This story talks about Dubai’s outdoor gym, which — while not expressly for calisthenics enthusiasts, the author cites it is frequented by the local calisthenics community. I’m always excited to see new parks open up that cater to us!  Meanwhile–if it’s convenient to you, there’s another park being constructed in Makhachkala, Russia!
  • The 5 Best Bodyweight Ab exercises in One Workout The half banana, the russian twist, butterfly crunch, the side-plank crunch and the knee driver. Do you think those are the best 5? I’m not sure I agree with that, but these will definitely give your abs a burn!
  • The Case for Fat This is an interview with Dr. Mark Hyman, who’s making the rounds in support of his new book, Eat Fat, Get Thin. Hyman argues something that paleo and primal advocates should grok: that we should be not only eating low carb and high vegetables, but we should also be eating lots of healthy fat.
  • Commuters Who Shun Car Travel Keep Slimmer Shocking as it may be, UK commuters who commute by walking, cycling or catching the train tend to weigh less than their driving counterparts. Those of us who try to get our 10,000 steps in are probably doing ourselves a favor. One thing to think about here is that people who commute to work this way have to put in extensive work twice a day. If we’re getting our 10k in all at once, that may not have quite the same metabolic effect. Just a thought.
  • Top 9 Ways to Stay Fit as a New Dad – Good thoughts here that can really apply to anyone who’s busy. Get in some yoga or meditation for staying centered and calm; do bodyweight fitness and break them into chunks if you need to. Prioritize your fitness!
  • Best Nootropic Stack for Beginners This week we wrote about the best nootropic stack for beginners. Many of those becoming interested in brain supplements don’t know where to start. We suggest that you should start with something safe and natural, that proves effective for most people, and that is low low low risk.
  • This Is How to Do Perfect Push-Ups (Even on Your Knees) Reminders about correct form for pushups. A couple of the pointers that are revisited here are to keep a straight line (plank) rather than letting your hips sag; and using proper form for tricep pushups. I do tricep pushups pretty frequently along with Diamonds and find they really help aesthetically.

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Bodyweight Roundup – This Week’s Multimedia:

Here’s something I’m really not trusting enough to try 😉

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That’s it for this week. We salute you for reading this week’s bodyweight roundup!

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