Bodyweight Roundup – March 27, 2016 Edition

It’s time for another edition of the Bodyweight Roundup! Let’s have a look at this week’s best content on clean eating, bodyweight fitness and smart supplements:

Bodyweight Roundup – This Week’s Multimedia:

This week I’m starting with multimedia because there are a few good videos I’ve come across recently.

  1. Alex at Calisthenicmovement shared this insightful video about the difference between flexibility and mobility, and why mobility training is important to preventing injury and developing strength.
  2. The guys at BarStarzz provide this tutorial on how to achieve a one-arm pullup. They suggest the assisted, the band-assisted and the negative one-arm pullup as exercises that can help you develop the skills to do a true one-arm pullup. In the video, you’ll see their reminder that this is a common source of tendonitis in the elbow, so don’t do them all that often!
  3. This week, GMB Fitness coaches us through several variations on the Bear Crawl.
  4. Grace Kavadlo shows us some fun partner calisthenics moves shot with a great view of New York City!
  5. Interview time! For your nutritional education, check out this interview of Dr. Josh Axe by Dr. David Perlmutter, on his series the Empowering Neurologist:
  1. Finally, Dr. Mark Hyman this week explains why he recommends potato starch–a resistant startch–as part of his diet in his weekly House Call:

Bodyweight Roundup – This Week’s Good Reads:

  1.  Al Kavadlo provides this article talking about technique for the hanging knee raise. I found this segment of the post insightful as Al gives us all some good advice:

    It’s great to understand all of those concepts theoretically, but it’s another thing to actually put in the time to get a feel for the exercise physically. The key to perfecting your hanging knee raise is very simple: lots of practice.

    We’re all guilty of that to a degree, aren’t we? Talking, thinking and reading about exercises when we could just be doing them? I can remember a time in my past where I immediately felt an impending sense of boredom when anyone around me started talking about the number of reps they were doing on a given exercise, whether it was leg, abs, chest or butt day, etc. I still find those conversations mostly posturing and generally useless, but at least I can find enough value in them when they happen occasionally not to get too frustrated. But Al’s point is valid–put down this blog and go practice!

  2. Here’s one we missed last week–Madbarz posted the “Push Up Limit – Ultimate Chest Press Challenge.” This is one I might have to try soon – I have tried a few of the push up routines built into Madbarz, but I haven’t found one I really like yet.
  3. From the brain function side of the ledger, a study was published this week supporting the notion that exercise can slow down brain aging by up to a decade. This reinforces why we believe strongly in exercise as a way of supporting brain health, not just physical health–and reinforces why we’re open to the pursuit of nootropics for additional brain support.
  4. Now for healthy eating–and with a strong tie to the prior entry–Authority Nutrition posted this essay on how low-carb and ketogenic diets support brain health. This is an especially important read for those of you with family members fighting cognitive decline.
  5. While acknowledging I don’t know enough about cancer to verify this assertion, Dr. Mercola this week posits that chronic stress can encourage the growth of cancer. I’ll be sharing some anti-stress approaches I’ve been pursuing, but in the mean time, here’s Dr. Mercola on stress and cancer.

Thanks for reading–and see you next time!

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