Calisthenics Equipment

One of the best attributes of bodyweight fitness is that you really don’t need much in the way of workout equipment. At the same time, you still need the right gear if you’re going to ditch the gym and dive into calisthenics.

First thing you should think about is a Pullup Tower (free standing pull up bar with a dip station). These are particularly useful if you don’t want to have a pullup bar destroying your door frame; and make no mistake, you do want to be doing pullups. That’s an elementary piece of equipment for your home gym.

When you’re ready to get a little more sophisticated, it may be time to think about suspension training. Take a look at the TRX Suspension Training Home Kit–this is a highly recommended piece of home gym workout equipment for when the simple exercises are no longer enough.

If you’re going to do the L-Sit, you may want to check out parallellettes to enable you to suspend your body over the ground.

More suggestions to come soon!