Bodyweight & Calisthenics Roundup – October 2016

Hey folks, it’s time for another edition of the Bodyweight & Calisthenics Roundup for October 2016!

I’m getting the wind back under my sails in my own workout program. One of the big big discoveries has been Pinterest.


Let me explain.

A lot of people seem to have known this before I did, but there’s a big population of bodyweight fitness enthusiasts on Pinterest. Many of them share their own personally-designed workouts in infographic form.

I’ve been sharing a lot of those workouts on the Pinterest channel recently, as I’ve found it an effective way of compiling content and, to be honest, it’s a great way to find a workout when you’re looking for a different routine.

So I’m adding a new section to the roundup where I’ll be featuring my favorite workout infographics! Let me know if you like the additional content.

With that, here’s the news!

As I continue to experiment with the format, I’m blending all types of content into one list. Let me know what you think.

Hit Richards Hits the Philippines!

Businessworld Online shares this story about Hit Richards and CalisthenicsKingz making a visit to the Philippines to spread the word on calisthenics. It’s basically a marketing slick for Richards’ business, but in my view anything that “raises the bar” on bodyweight fitness is worth a scan.

Why Not Now?

A podcast episode that’s after my heart @ Burn Off That Beer Belly, #50: the Voice of Inspiration. This episode is a suggestion that it makes no freakin’ sense to wait until January 1 to make a change in your life. Don’t wait until some arbitrary date–if it’s important, do it now!

Now this also reminds me of that tired old saying “Today is the first day of the rest of your life!” While it’s true, it still makes me nauseous.

In fact, it just did. But I’m back now.

Go give the beer belly nation a listen. But lay off the beer 😉

A Calisthenics Gym? 

Here’s a story about a gym that’s just opened in the UK, only it isn’t filled with barbells and power racks but instead it’s filled with pullup bars, parallelettes and other fancy equipment for those interested in calisthenics.

Notably this story doesn’t mention the phrase “street workout,” because the whole concept here is taking a style of fitness that is often performed outside into a modern gym facility.

Now Crossfit has done some of this as well, but they also mix in some heavy weights and other techniques. But this facility seems to be fully focused on calisthenics.

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This business seems to be place a strong focus on the community. Other gyms do that, and I question their motives, but in this case I can at least personally confirm there is value to be offered.

I do think the idea of building a gym and community around calisthenics has some merit, as the idea of an accountability partner is something I miss working out at home. I’m considering starting a group in my local community myself.

Hopefully the music isn’t as god-awful as typical gym fare. That’s something I don’t miss one single bit from my days as a regular gym goer.

How to Fix Sore Wrists

This recent post from our friends at GMB shares some tips and warnings about wrist pain. Although the wrist is a “small” joint, the wrist is very important to those of us in technology jobs, but even more fundamentally, it’s important to strength training which often requires lifting the body’s load via the arms.

Take the time to read/watch this if your wrists are causing you any discomfort so you can improve the condition proactively.

As a matter of fact, in my personal development I’ve been reviewing their post on hip mobility as that’s been an area of focus in my health.

The Secret to Fitness by Al Kavadlo

Al Kavadlo has a few words to say about fitness this week. Ultimately, he asserts that it’s not about any of the particular choices related to your program, but that it’s about consistency.

I keep hearing and repeating the phrase “The best workout is the one you’ll do.” Al speaks the same concept–no matter what choice you make, don’t just read about workout modalities while sitting on the couch.

Get up and work out!

Speaking of hip pain as I did earlier, I’ve been spending more time performing low lunges. Just this week, one of my favorites from Reddit–Antranik–posted the first of two videos on proper hip stretching.

Because I’ve watched it three times this week, I thought I’d share it with you:

If you’re getting into middle age like I am, this will hopefully help you with a condition you may be just beginning to experience.

Now, for a bit of fun, I’d like to share Antranik’s latest Instagram post, where he’s showing the blend of hula hooping and slack lining that he’s been doing out on Muscle Beach. Crazy guy! 🙂

One last item to share–this one from Pinterest!

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I haven’t gotten deep into yoga, but I found this chart helpful and I ran through this is a wind down routine a few times this week.

Essential Sequence - via Jason Crandell
Essential Sequence – via Jason Crandell

And, that’s going to do it for this time! Thanks for reading 🙂