pull-up progression

Pull-Up Progressions For the Pullup Impaired

Do You Need a Great Pullup Progression?

For some reason, among bodyweight exercises, the pull-up is often one that encourages fear. I can’t do a pull-up! I might hurt my shoulders. I can’t get myself off the ground! Guess what–a good pullup progression can help you past all those obstacles.

Excuses! Excuses, I tell ya.

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bodyweight fitness

16 Reasons to Switch to Bodyweight Fitness

Bodyweight Fitness For Your Best Body

Bodyweight fitness isn’t as sexy as going to the gym.

There, I said it.

If you’re like me, you’ve been conditioned since birth to think of “going to the gym” as the way you get healthy.

Your friends bragged about how much they bench, how often they do leg day, and how many times per week they work out.

I paid for 3 separate gym membership contracts in my 20s and 30s. Each time, as is the pattern for many people, I thought each one would be “the time.”

I stayed active for awhile, and then drifted off–only to keep paying the monthly fee.

In one case, I paid the residual fee to keep my membership “alive” in case I wanted to return. I didn’t, on that contract.

After turning 40, I can safely say I’ve had enough.

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