Great Power Tower Workouts for 2018

Great Power Tower Workouts for 2018

For those of you who’ve invested in a Power Tower workouts machine during 2017, you’re in luck. You’ve no doubt already started putting your tower to use.

Dips, leg raises, pullups and chinups are some of the key exercises you can do with a pullup and dip station. But if you don’t program your workouts and get yourself off the couch, that pullup station’s going to sit there in the corner of the room like it did for me!

Read on for a few Workouts of the Day (WODs) to get you going.

Power Tower Workouts

In my past writing, I have made it clear that I believe in a mixed bag of exercises–primarily bodyweight, but also high intensity interval training as well as some limited cardio.

After spending time figuring out why I wasn’t able to motivate myself, I also believe in exercise variety. My list of 55 bodyweight WODs came from a period where I was unable to motivate myself; as it turned out, repeating the same workouts was one of the reasons why!

For those of you going it alone, I think it’s important to include two key equipment-aided moves in your repertoire–more specifically, to work in enough power tower exercises each week or each workout. For the posterior chain, I think it’s important to work in some kettlebell swings periodically. One of the other staples I think it’s critical to include is the pullup. NOTE: Dips are important too, but there are more alternatives than there are for pullups.

You can read my post about the pullup to learn why I think it’s important, and if you’ve gotten a power tower already you know it’s a great way to do pullups at home without wrecking your walls 🙂

So with that, I’m going to lay out my outline for how you might structure your workouts if you have a power tower at home, and then I’ll share a few sample power tower workouts you can use yourself!

Weekly Workout Structure With a Power Tower

Just because you have a power tower doesn’t mean you need to use it in every workout. However, clearly you don’t want to ignore it either.

Aa a baseline, it’s important to get a few key power tower exercises into your workouts twice per week:

  1. Pullups – Pullups are critical. They are a key pulling movement for the upper body that is difficult to replace with an alternative.
  2. Dips – Dips are important as they help build the upper body, in particular the triceps, the chest, the shoulders and the upper back.
  3. Leg Raises – Leg raises are a great core exercise that most anyone can do. They do great things for abs, and they’re better than situps if you’re looking to work on that midsection.
  4. Push-Ups – Many power towers have handles near the floor that short people like me use as a boost to get to the pullup bar 🙂 Those handles are also for pushups–specifically to get you off the ground far enough to make your pushup a deeper movement. Use them!
    1. Knee Raises – This is an alternate move that you can work in for some variety.
    2. Windshield Washers – Here’s another move you can use, hanging from the pullup bar here, to work on the abs.
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That’s it!

Now, if you’re working out 4 times a week, here’s what your structure might look like for each of the week’s workouts. I’d do it something like this:

  1. Cardio –
    1. run 3 miles.
    2. Short HIIT circuit
      1. dips
      2. leg raises
  2. Full body (4 sets)
    1. Lunges
    2. Squats
    3. Pullups
    4. Dips
    5. Leg Raises
    6. L-Sits
  3. Upper body (2 sets)
    1. Wide grip pullups
    2. Narrow grip pullups
    3. Dips
    4. Pushups
    5. Face pulls
    6. Chinups
    7. Clean & Jerks
  4. Lower body (5 sets)
    1. Squats
    2. Lunges
    3. Leg raises
    4. 200m run

Great Power Tower Workouts

Here are some sample workouts you can try from our list of 55 Bodyweight WODs:

  • The 10 minute “Cindy” (modified)–AMRAP:
    • 5 pullup
    • 10 pushup
    • 15 squat
  • The Chelsea–EMOM for 30 minutes:
    • 5 Pull-ups
    • 10 Push-ups
    • 15 Squats
  • The Severin:
    • 50 Strict Pullups
    • 100 Pushups
    • 5K Run
  • The Weaver–4 RFT:
    • 10 L Pull-ups
    • 15 Pushups
    • 15 Chest to Bar Pullups
    • 15 Pushups
    • 20 Pullups
    • 15 Pushups
  •  The Angie–for time:
    • 100 pullups
    • 100 pushups
    • 100 situps
    • 100 squats

That should be enough to get you started. Take a look at the WOD list for more!