2017 Calisthenics Exercises List Includes 260 Moves!


Lots of people consider calisthenics exercises to be for lightweights.

Now it’s true that bodyweight generally won’t bulk you up like a bodybuilder with oversized muscles, but as long as you’re progressive about the load you put on your muscles, you’ll get very strong–by making the exercises more and more difficult.

But what happens when you’re stuck doing the same 8 exercises over and over and over? You need inspiration!

To that end, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive calisthenic exercises list we could, with 220+ of the most challenging bodyweight moves we could find.

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Unlock Your Hip Flexors – Review

Unlock Your Hip Flexors – Review

If you’re a cube rat like me, you’re probably doing damage to your hip flexors every day.

“Hogwash!” you may say. But please consider the evidence.

Let’s talk about the hip flexors

Reducing the amount you sit per day improves blood sugar by improving insulin response, as well as circulation and other systemic benefits. But it has skeletal impact as well. Sitting leads to tight hips and a bad back.

Sitting leads to tight hips because when you’re seated, your hip flexors (your psoas) shorten.

With shortened hip flexors from too much sitting, lower back pain and hip pain is very common in yoga and other bodyweight fitness practices.

Shortened hip flexors because of excessive sitting might cause an anterior pelvic tilt, which is when your back is a little too rounded and puts your spine out of alignment. Weak abs, glutes and hamstrings can contribute too.

With extended periods of anterior tilt, your hip socket becomes compressed. This leads to pulling and shifting of joints, tendons, and muscles around the lower back; which can decrease blood flow and circulation, as well as delay nerve response to the hips.

So, is “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” the solution?

Maybe you’re with me and you recognize that extensive sitting and tight hip flexors are impeding your fitness. Surely, you can just do a simple hip flexor stretch that you might find online and call it a day, right?

Is that enough?

I think you need more, and this book just may be the answer.

Rick Kaselj and Certified Personal Trainer Mike Westerdal have developed this 63-page guide that explains everything you need to know about the hip flexor and how to maximize your health by optimizing it.

It covers everything you’ll need to know including:

  • Biomechanics of the hip flexor
  • The psoas as the Fight or flight Muscle
  • The hip flexor’s impact on your sex life
  • How tight hips lead to fat buildup
  • How tight hips can make you look fat.
  • Why stretching alone isn’t the answer
  • A complete exercise program that can address the core issues that includes:
    • dynamic stretches
    • static stretches
    • fascial stretches
    • mobility exercises
    • muscle activations



How does Unlock your Tight Hip Flexors compare to other similar programs?

While there are a number of stretching programs available online, many tend to focus only on static stretching and don’t properly explain muscle biomechanics. In my opinion, that biomechanical explanation is what provides me the motivation to understand WHY I should do these exercises and therefore makes it more compelling.


Are there bonuses?

Yes. You’ll receive an anti-inflammatory diet guide and an ebook explaining how to loosen your hamstrings. The hamstrings book is particularly useful because the flexors and hamstring work opposite each other, and keeping your mid section flexible is shown to have so many benefits.


unlock your hip flexors reviewThe Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is thorough, provides great fitness reading material for people having problems in this area, and is authored by an injury expert and a certified personal trainer. For the price, this is hard to beat!

The add-on sales after purchase, along with the fact that this is a single set of exercises, is why this product’s rating was in the upper 8s, rather than the 9s. Don’t worry though– it’s a very very good value for the money.

Click here for “Unlock Your Hip Flexors”


Bodyweight & Calisthenics Roundup – Halloween 2016

Hey guys, it’s the Halloween edition of the Bodyweight and Calisthenics Roundup! Hope you had a great Saturday night and didn’t rip your fitness goals apart.. but even if you did, let’s get right into it.

Stretch When Your Pet Stretches

This post by Antranik caught my eye this week on a tactical and a philosophical level.

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Face Off: Calisthenics Vs Bodybuilding

Tonight’s Main Event: Calisthenics vs. Bodybuilding

By now it’s clear there is a growing community of people who are committed to training with only the weight of their own bodies, plus some minimal equipment like bars and perhaps kettle bells or dumbbells.

You may be part of that community.

There is also a strong belief among gym-goers that calisthenics do not give the same physical benefits that they get from pumping iron.

Here’s what I have to say.


You can build your body with bodyweight exercises.

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calisthenics roundup

Bodyweight & Calisthenics Roundup – October 2016

Hey folks, it’s time for another edition of the Bodyweight & Calisthenics Roundup for October 2016!

I’m getting the wind back under my sails in my own workout program. One of the big big discoveries has been Pinterest.


Let me explain.

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calisthenics diet

The Healthy Calisthenics Diet

What would the “calisthenics diet” be if there were one?

People don’t get into bodyweight fitness just because they can. Most peoples’ default course of action to get healthy is to join a gym.

You’re different. You are a Bodyweight fitness fanatic because it is a way of gaining control.

Bodyweight fitness enables you to develop a healthy body without investing in tons of heavy bodybuilding equipment and spending on gym memberships.

Using your own body weight is simple and natural. Shouldn’t your diet follow the same principles?

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Power Tower

Best Power Tower / Dip Station For 2018

It’s so easy and inexpensive to get a great workout at home when you are a bodyweight fitness fanatic if you have the best power tower and dip station at your disposal!

You can easily do squats and pushups with no equipment, but there are a number of core exercises that are difficult without a pull up tower.

A pull up tower with dip station enables you to do:

  • pullups
  • chinups
  • dips
  • leg raises
  • knee raises

Getting this in one piece of equipment is really efficient for creating a compact and effective home gym.


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pistol squat - calisthenics

Bodyweight & Calisthenics Roundup – Summer 2016 Edition

Well, I’ve sure fallen off the wagon!

Life got busy and, much to my chagrin, I stopped writing. I even slowed down my workouts.

I’ve changed jobs and handled a challenging family situation, and now I’m climbing back on since fall is approaching. I think this will become a monthly series going forward, but this edition in particular covers everything since the last one in…..March.

With all that, it’s time for another edition of the Bodyweight Roundup! Let’s have a look at recent content on clean eating, bodyweight fitness and smart supplements:

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Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi Function Power Tower

Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi Function Power Tower

best power tower - BodyVision PT600

The Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity Multi Function Power Tower is a little bit of a space hog–but you get lots of value for that investment.

If you need to place your power tower in a corner, you’ll need a unit where the dip station and pullup bar are facing the same way! This one isn’t that device. Make some room.

The adjustable height roller handlebars are a great feature that let you quickly change your leverage on a number of exercises. More models should adopt this kind of flexibility!

So, to me, as long as you have the space, this unit is ideal! It supports the following exercises:

  • Leg lifts and leg raises
  • Chins and pull-ups
  • Rows
  • Knee Raises
  • Dips

The unit measures a compact 63.4″ L x 49″ W x 83″ H.


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Bowflex Body Tower

Bowflex Body Tower


The Bowflex Body Tower is ideal for those of you looking for a sturdy, complete home calisthenics gym accessory to enable you to do all the core exercises requiring pullup bar support.

If you need to place your power tower in a corner, you’ll need a unit where the dip station and pullup bar are facing the same way like this unit or the Body Vision PT600! 

Most units on the market put the pullup bar facing the back, mostly for stability. This one is angled back so that the front facing pullup bar does not cause rocking.

The Weider unit is 114 pounds, so I found no instability at all and no need to add weight for stability.

Like the Body Vision, the Weider does not provide the bar across the bottom to support situps and crunches. However, I personally prefer L-Sits to sit ups or crunches, and in fact, I caution against the use of sit ups and crunches because of risks to the back.

One of its unique elements is the straps. Straps on the top bar support suspended leg raises; this is in opposition to the pads on the arm rests as used in the Body Vision design. Straps below the arms provide for easy inverted rows.

This unit supports the following basic exercises:

  • Leg lifts and leg raises
  • Chins and pull-ups
  • Inverted rows
  • Hanging Knee Raises
  • Dips

The unit measures a compact 42 x 43 x 85.

The placard included supports these exercises:

  • Squat
  • Chin up
  • Triceps dip
  • Push up
  • Supine row
  • Raised bridge
  • Vertical knee raise
  • Crunch

The guide included also supports these additional exercises:

  • Assisted leg squat
  • Forward angle calf raise
  • Assisted tricep dip
  • Chest dip
  • Incline push up
  • Pull up
  • Hanging leg raise
  • Rear decline plank
  • Hanging hip-leg raise
  • Assisted inverted row

If you’re looking for the sturdiest, most complete machine with training on how to get the most out of it, consider the Bowflex.

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