Top 3 Bodyweight Training Gurus to Learn From on Twitter and YouTube

Ways to Learn about Bodyweight Training

It’s inspiring to know that there are people out there sharing knowledge about something you care deeply about.

If you’re like me, and you’re getting more and more into bodyweight exercises, you’ll want to learn from the best.

There are a couple of locally-based options for this kind of instruction:

  • If you’re so inclined, one approach is to find a personal trainer in your area who specializes in bodyweight training. The benefit here is a program tailored to you, and someone to watch your form. The negative is cost–personal trainers can be rather expensive.
  • A second option is to find a meetup group that focuses on group bodyweight workouts. You may find that the group is run by a trainer, but that it covers enough of the basics in the free forum to be valuable to you. The benefit here is cost is much lower, but the drawback is you may or may not get quality instruction.

If neither of these work for you–perhaps, like me, you’re more of a Do It Yourselfer (DIY)–you may prefer to get some online education.

When it comes to online personalities, you’ll be happy to know that a number of talented street workout enthusiasts share lots of great material on their online empires–from Twitter, to their websites, to Youtube. The good news here is that there’s lots of great material. The drawback is that, to be quite honest, quality is highly variable.

In one sense this is OK–if you’re just trying to meet people in the community, that’s fine. But if you’re specifically trying to learn, you want to focus on those people who have the best content and who can teach you in a way that you’ll learn.

If you’re starting out with bodyweight training like me, you probably don’t really know who you should follow for learning purposes. Who knows their stuff, and who doesn’t?

So as I’m just getting started, I thought I’d share a list of the top people I’ve found so far. These are the guys who’ve been inspirational to me, who’ve taught me some things in a short period of time, and who I’d like to interview one day on my blog. 🙂

I’m going to keep this list short, and explain why I’ve chosen these individuals. To be honest, you shouldn’t follow 30 or 40 people for the purpose of learning — those are social follows.

Here are the Top 3 Bodyweight Training Gurus to Learn From

Al Kavadlo

Al started his online presence by making countless videos in Thompkin Square Park in the East Village of New York City. He’s heavily inked and he’s built, but once you watch him on video you realize he’s the nicest guy. In fact, you’ll notice that during many of his exercise videos, he makes it a point to smile (through his beard!) while executing difficult maneuvers.

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You may laugh, but I really like Al’s patient explanations as well as his proper use of English! Too many trainers fail to explain their terms, use excessive jargon that only dedicated gym rats will recognize, and generally try to portray a hip persona rather than to be helpful. Al’s not like that.

I recommend starting with Al’s YouTube channel. Al has lots of great content covering every exercise you can think of, some of them multiple times. His most recent content is focused around the “Ask Al” series, but if you search the archives you’ll find all kinds of great content. And all of it with Al’s positive attitude and cheerful demeanor.

Subscribe to that, and as long as you have a pulse, I suspect you’ll be inspired like i was! Over time, you’ll become acquainted with Al’s line of books and DVDs that he offers on his website. He also tours the country from time to time as the man behind the Progressive Calisthenics Certification.

Follow Al on Twitter!

Mike Fitch

Mike Fitch runs Global Bodyweight Training. He is also a likeable guy, also inked up but with a little more of that buff and tan Miami look that suits where he chooses to live.

You’ll also want to start with Mike’s YouTube channel. You’ll find that Mike’s persona is a little more serious, but he’s still smiling and positive. Like Al, Mike does a great job of using accessible language to introduce exercises and to help explain the purpose of each attribute he covers.

Also like Al, Mike offers a number of training content and in-person events at his website.

Follow Mike on Twitter!

GMB Fitness

GMB Fitness is an organization based in Honolulu, Hawaii. GMB, like Mike and Al, posts a number of training videos on their Youtube channel. I haven’t watched as much content from these guys, but they certainly have the best-designed website of the bunch (Al, you’re a close runner-up!).

What makes these guys stand out is that they have an actively updated podcast. I just discovered this in writing this post, so I’ve just subscribed to Fitness Skills by GMB.

I did some searching to see who others found to be the most reputable bodyweight trainers out there, and GMB was pretty consistently there, just a bit less frequently than Mike and Al. I’ll be interested to see if I still think they belong on the list as I continue to learn from their free content.

Follow GMB Fitness on Twitter!

Bonus: Reddit

As a bonus, I’ve found that the Reddit Bodyweight Fitness community is highly active with lots of street workout enthusiasts who are willing to share lots of great information. In fact, in the community’s FAQs, you’ll find information about recommended beginner workouts that you can put to use immediately. Check it out!

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Who Else Do You Recommend?

These are the three gurus I’ve found to be most reliable and worth following. Who else should we know about? Share in the comments!


Image source: Flickr