TRX Home Gym Suspension Training Review


My beginner bodyweight program–pushup, pullup, squat and L-sit, along with walking and running–technically require only one piece of equipment. You need a pullup bar to raise your weight off the ground. And if you’re outside, you should probably wear shorts..and a top if you’re a lady. 🙂

As you get further into the bodyweight world, you’re going to want to expand your repertoire. Thanks to the Navy SEALs, we now have a way to develop the body in multiple dimensions simultaneously using suspension training: TRX.

Here’s how the TRX website describes suspension training:

Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.

What are the benefits of the TRX Suspension Training Kit?

  • Complete: The Home Kit that we recommend is the lowest priced option. It includes two options for anchoring the unit that can be used at home or while you travel, a workout guide, and six workout videos.
  • Convenient: With a total weight of about two pounds, you can carry it with you on business trips. This means you get your full workout no matter where you go. You can use it inside on a rainy day or set it up in the yard when it’s sunny outside.
  • Sturdy: Don’t be frightened–this home unit remains sturdy, and supports up to 300 pounds. For most exercises you aren’t even suspending your entire body weight,sofeelconfidentthatTRX can handle everything you’ve got!
    • Caution! Please note – it’s wise to use an exterior door when you attach the system using the door anchor. Hollow interior doors many not hold as much weight as the TRX straps, so you don’t want to damage your home!
  • Core: You get a fantastic core workout with TRX. Think about suspending yourself from different angles and performing exercises while partially restrained. This kind of exercise forces you to maintain balance, and to do that you’re using the muscles surrounding your stomach and back, a.k.a. your core.
  • Strength: This system helps you pack on lean muscle–but it’s not the system you want if you’re trying to bulk up. If you’re in the game to get stronger, however, keep reading.
  • Adjustable: Adjustments to the straps are easy, so you can move from exercise to exercise pretty easily.

If you’re looking to expand your bodyweight routine, you could do a lot worse!

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What comes with the TRX Home Kit?

  • Carrying bag. Because of how small the components are, they don’t take up very much space when you travel. This carrying bag weighs less than your laptop and probably takes up half the space.
  • Door anchor. Place this anchor over the hinge-side of a strong exterior door to give yourself a great workout at home or on the road.
  • Suspension anchor. The suspension anchor is a strap that lets you anchor your TRX to monkey bars at the playground, a post holding up an awning, or any other strong vertical object you can find. This is particularly good for travel or nailing a street workout.
  • Heavy duty (but comfortable!) foot straps. These are the core of the system – the straps you use to put yourself into more and more challenging positions to do your exercises. They are less than 2 pounds – but very strong!
  • Door placard. To alert those on the other side of the door that they should knock or yell before they open it!
  • TRX App. The system comes with a mobile app with four workouts and an exercise library that you can keep with you at all times.

Check out the TRX Suspension Training Home Kit [affiliate link] at Amazon!

It works for Drew Brees, and it can work for you!

Not only do Navy SEALs use it, as well as fitness trainers and coaches, but celebrities who are known for their athleticism and physique swear by it as well. Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez is a TRX user. One of the better known aficionados is from a different part of the public sphere: Drew Brees.

Brees is quarterback of the New Orleans Saints. He’s led them to one Super Bowl (and won!) and numerous playoff appearances, and has set a great number of team and league records.

One of the secrets that lets Drew throw for 4,000 yards in his mid 30s is that he practices functional fitness with TRX in order to keep him in tip top shape. The TRX workout lets him strengthen the core, which helps with everything from accuracy to strength to injury prevention.

Brees did a feature in Sports Illustrated. The feature didn’t mention that Brees is an investor in TRX – but that doesn’t make any less effective.

“A full workout on the TRX can absolutely destroy you,” Brees tells the magazine.

Now you don’t have to be a professional athlete to get in shape with TRX.

It’s just as good for those of us who want to develop a strong body without going to the gym and pumping iron. And it’s a wonderful way to extend the possibilities of bodyweight training alone.

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For those just getting back into working out, the TRX can add a challenge (or an assist, depending on how you do them) to your push-ups and squats.

For those currently in shape and wanting to add more oomph to their workout, you can do variations of rows, pike pushups, mountain climbers and lunges.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, TRX is not for novices.

If you’ve just started your workout program after years of inactivity, pass like Drew Brees. You need to work on your consistency, first of all. Work on the basics of bodyweight fitness, and start following some of the progressions towards more advanced progressive calisthenics.

Once you have demonstrated to yourself that you’re committed to independent fitness, come back and reconsider.

But if you’ve been at it awhile and you’re doing pistol squats and handstand pushups, and you want to add some variety to your workouts, the TRX Suspension Training Home Kit [affiliate link] may be the just the system you need.

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