The Bodyweight Life Roundup – March 13, 2016 Edition

Welcome to the March 13, 2016 edition of “Bodyweight Life Roundup“! This is our weekly roundup of news and accomplishments in the areas of calisthenics/street workouts/bodyweight fitness, diet/nutrition and supplementation.

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted one of these, so we’ll include some articles more than a week old. We missed them, so you might have as well.

With that, let’s get started!

Mainstream Media on Bodyweight

Here are some articles that appeared in mainstream publications recently:



Discussion Threads on Calisthenics

Particularly helpful discussion threads I’ve found on message boards include:

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Great Nuggets on Health & Nutrition

  • Anxiety Drug Overdoses in U.S. Hit Record Levels – As if trying to justify my post yesterday on Nootropics, Dr. Mercola wrote yesterday that overdoses of anxiety drugs hit a record high recently. Maybe my suggestion of looking at natural substances for anxiety relief isn’t a bad idea after all?
  • Meat is the New Ketchup – this recent episode of the Bulletproof Podcast features Dr. Mark Hyman, and covers a lot of great material in an engaging format. I rarely listen to hour long podcasts all the way through, but this one kept me interested!
  • Do high protein diets cause colon cancer? – Mark Sisson addresses this in his weekly Dear Mark. The most important bit: “Don’t eat a 45% protein diet, regardless of the source. The occasional day where you binge on steak? Sure. But eating like that for perpetuity is probably a bad idea.”

Multimedia on Street Workouts

Here are a few of my favorite inspiring and challenging images and videos that have been shared on Instagram and other platforms recently:

  • From Barstarzz on Instagram–This is an approach to the muscle up that I may need to work towards. I have a dip station on my power tower, but I can’t fit between it and my ceiling. This is a nice possible compromise. May not work for you larger guys out there.

When you KNOW you got muscle ups! 💪👌 @maddelisk_workout 🔥🔥 #barstarzz

A video posted by Barstarzz (@barstarzz) on

  • From BarstarzzWorkout, here’s one of a guy with impressive guns and pulling off the tuck planche and some other moves that i haven’t achieved yet. This is me in a year, maybe?

Practice makes better, Consistency makes great! @fitnessblazt #Barstarzz #ctbars

A video posted by 🌐 BARSTARZZ 🌐 (@barstarzzworkout) on

What other sources should I include in future editions? Which parts of this roundup are most helpful? Speak up in the comments or ping me on Twitter at @bodyweight_life!


See you next time!



Image source: Pixabay